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About Us

Taunt Na Na's Fela Market opened it's doors on November 21, 2015.

What about the name?

We came up with the name one day while getting ready to go dancing. Our vision for the flea market was to be a comfortable casual atmosphere with local Louisiana music playing in the background and to have a variety of treasures for shoppers to happen upon while strolling thru the market. Realizing we would come across people looking for something we didn’t have in stock (yet) – we liked the idea of a sweet ‘lil Cajun aunt saying tell Taunt Na Na what you lookin’ for Sha and I’ll find it for you. We don’t remember which one said it first but we both immediately agreed - That’s it - perfect!

Meh c’mon Sha 'n
Find something old… Find something new… Find something just for you…

Y’all can find us at 125 West Main Street in historic downtown New Iberia.

We are open every Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m.  till 6 p.m.

Todd Badeaux & Tonya Romero
Founders / Owners